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The owner, Khan, stems from a long linage of authentic Vietnamese restaurant owners. The intense flavors you taste are deeply rooted in Khan’s history with Vietnamese food. Pho Garden brings a unique style of Vietnamese food to Rio Rancho, New Mexico. 
      The menu contains more than 74 Vietnamese food selections that are guaranteed to please your taste buds. Our menu features Bánh Canhm, Bún with Grilled Pork and the House Special – Vermicelli Pattie with your choice of grilled meat. Whether you are dining in or getting the food to go, Pho Garden the Vietnamese Grill will provide you with endless entrees that will leave you craving more.

Vietnamese Tradition

Pho Garden prides itself on creating an authentic Vietnamese atmosphere. Our Pho noodles is a family secret recipe passed down generations. We take pride in the time it takes to create a traditional Vietnamese meal. Although our menu contains more than 75 cuisine selections we have maintained the core ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine such as; fish sauce, shrimp paste, soy sauce, rice and fresh herbs. 
For a traditional Vietnamese meal the fundamental tastes include spicy (metal,) sour (wood,) biter (fire), sweet (earth,) and salty (water.) The fundamental tastes were created to appeal to the human body’s five senses. Vietnamese cuisine is often referred to as one of the most healthy cuisines.


Pho Garden proudly offer Catering services for any occasion. Whether it is a corporate meeting, family dinner, or a special occasion, we are happy to work with you to create a catering menu to suite your specific needs. Our menu contains more than 100 selections from you to chose from such as 30 delicious Pho soups, 10 different traditional vietnamese desserts , 8 freshly made Vietnamese salads and 13 different flavors of our speciality drinks. Please contact us directly for any inquires. ​

Private Party

​Pho Garden offers a private room parties and/or long table settings for any private party. We are happy to incorporate birthday, anniversary and even retirement celebrations to meet your specific needs. Please contact us in advance so we can find the best way to accommodate your specific needs. We will be happy to work with you to ensure that your celebration at Pho Garden, Vietnamese Grill is a success.